Welcome to Darian's Big Brother Secret Alliance Bonanza of Epic ProportionsEdit

Here you will find all the information you need to know about the latest season of Darien's Big Brother game!

Week 1Edit

The first HOH, titled "Friendemies" was given out on Feb 10th.

finale picture after solving puzzle

Players had to first solve a puzzle. The slowest time out of the men would be out. Angel had the slowest time of the group, was eliminated from HOH contention, but got to pick first in line to eliminate someone else. The first Head of Household went to Christie Jones who subsequently nominated Eve and Angel for eviction.

The first veto challenge was to make the best diary rooms you possibly could. Christie Jones won the veto and her second straight win in this game. She decided to not use the veto. Eve was evicted 9 votes to 1, and Angel remained in the game.

Week 2Edit

Head of Household 2 was entitled More or Less which contained 7 questions about the logo in the challenge videos. Kevin won the

second head of household by getting 6 correct and beating Fede in the tiebreaker. Kevin nominated Wesley and Angel for eviction.

The second Veto:8 ball quick fire pool saw Kevin win the veto this week as well. The Veto was used on Wesley, and Kevin named

Troy as his replacement. Leaving Troy and Angel on the eviciton block for the vote. This was Angel's second straight time on the eviction block.

Troy was voted out on a vote of 7 to 1

Week 3Edit

The third Head of Household was dedicated to Dick, and was the push your buttons challenge. During this challenge players had to pick buttons which either took away or gave points to players. Mary won this challenge with a final score of 19 and became our 3rd HOH. She nominated Fede and Branden for eviction.

This veto competition was dedicated to Jase, and the twist was that all four people got to choose their partners in the veto challenge. Mary choose Christie, Fede choose Kevin, and Branden choose Wesley.

The veto competition was the game hold the button. The challenge was to hold the button as close to 5 minutes as possible. Wesley won the veto comp holding the button exactly at five minutes before anyone else could. He used the veto on Branden and Mary named Kevin as a replacement. The vote was set for Kevin vs Fede. On a vote of 4 to 3, Kevin was the 3rd person evicted from the game.

Week 4Edit

This week the cast discovered that there was only 1 remaining secret alliance. That alliance of 3 people got to choose from prizes of Coup Detat, Diamond Power of Veto, and Double Vote.

This week's head of household was dedicated to Hayden and included 4 mini-challenges in which players would be ranked on how well they finish all four. Branden was ranked 2.5 after 4 challenges and was declared the 4th head of household for the game. He nominated Angel and Wesley for eviction.

The veto competition, String It Together, was dedicated to James who strung together a series of Veto Wins on the real Big Brother show. Contestants had to string together the longest list of names they possibly could from a list of Darian's previous players in other games. Angel won the veto by stringing together 25 names, and subsequently used the veto on himself.

Lynn was named as a replacement and subsequently evicted by a vote of 5 to 1.

She became the first jury member.

Week 5Edit

HOH 5 was dedicated to Enzo and the Brahgade alliance. In the challenge you had to make the best hat and alliance name that you could. Fiona won the competition, in turn becoming the 5th head of household for the game. She nominated Wesley and Fede for eviction from the game.

The veto competiton climb to the top was dedicated to Marcell, and involved using 6 moves inorder to get to the top of the list of names. Fede won his first veto competition and used the veto on himself. Fiona named Angel as a replacement, and he faced Wesley on the eviction block. Angel was evicted by a vote of 4 to 1.

Week 6Edit

HOH 6 was dedicated to Rachel from season 12, and featured an elimination challenge using questions. The last 2 players in the challenge were Chistie and Michael, with Christie edging out Michael by a few minutes and becoming the 6th Head of Household, her second reign as such. She nominated Branden and Michael for eviction.

The 6th Veto competiton was to determine if a picture depicted a professor or a serial killer, dedicated to Dr Ragan Fox. Branden won the competition with 17 out of 20 correct and removed himself from the eviction block.

This week the Coup Detat was played by Christie who was also the HOH. She placed both Wesley and Fede on the eviction block. The double vote was used this week and Fede was voted out 4 to 1.

Week 7Edit

Fiona won the 7th head of household which was dating terms from A-Z. She only matched the letters H, W, and Z. She nominated Wesley and Michael for eviction. Wesley won the 7th veto of the game, the mindjolt game 30 second basketball shoot. He used the veto on himself and Mary was nominated in his place. Mary was evicted by a vote of 3 to 0.

Week 8Edit

Michael won the 8th veto of the game by winning games of UNO. Originally he had to win 3 games of Uno, but won 2 straight and then went on to win one of the mindjolt games. He nominate Fiona and Christie.

The veto was held, and it was a change of things dedicated to Jen from season 8. We played a survivor round in which Christie won the 8th veto in the game, and used it on herself. Michael was forced to nominate Wesley in her place, and he was subsequently evicted by a vote of 2 to 0.

Week 9Edit

Branden won the 9th HOH of the game by winning the price is right challenge. He subsequently nominated Christie and Michael for eviction.

The 9th veto of the game was dedicated to Lydia and was a game of million dollar money drop. Michael won the final veto of the game with a grand total of $998. He used the veto on himself and evicted Christie. She became 9th and final jury member.

Final HOH WeekEdit

Final HOH week saw Fiona win the First Part of the Final Challenge, endurance countdown 101 to 1.